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Adaptive Production Technology (Aprotech)

Aprotech is a young and highly ambitious Russian team initially founded as a joint venture of two top leading companies – Kaspersky and ITELMA Group.

Our business relies on design and development of vertical IIoT solutions, starting from a gateway (it provides a secure connection between production equipment and a cloud-based open operating system) and finishing with visualization of technological processes bottlenecks proposing agile deployment of business services for cyber-physical systems.

Uniqueness of our solutions is based on founders’ profound expertise in industrial cybersecurity, smart electronics component production and software development. A strategic partnership with Siemens enables us to launch scalable projects and create mutual competitive solutions in Russia and overseas markets.

Growing team consists of bright and unique professionals which have been carefully acquiring from IT world, cybersecurity, real production and digital twins field.


Our Solutions

Initiative 4.0 RU

IoT applications

Industrial cybersecurity

Initiative 4.0 RU

Key elements of 4.0 RU initiative cover architecture of digital factory with processes and operations traceability together with digital twins of Product, Production and Performance.

With this approach an enterprise gets objective and agile examination of possibilities to increase labor productivity and to optimize core industrial vertical and horizontal chains.

Participation of Aprotech in aerospace digital production laboratory creation with involvement of a particular Russian customer has been proving approach on practice.

IoT applications

R&D team of Aprotech has an expertise and resources to create cloud based applications for acquisition, transmission and analysis of industrial data. It allows process a vast amount of data in real time and provides valuable inputs for operational management.

A business model supposes a new approach when users pay only for service usage, thus, charges just depend on resources connected to the app and KPIs but not on traditional CAPEX investments into servers, additional IT infrastructure, and own administrative stuff. A cloud-based platform provides hardware accelerators to boost business service in a very short time and supports a wide range of IIoT protocols (OPC-UA, S7, LoRaWAN, ModBus, etc).

Industrial cybersecurity

IIoT gateway (newly solution designed by Aprotech) is connected to the Siemens Mindsphere platform – a cloud-based open operating system for industrial ecosystem. Gateway provides enhanced cyber resilience features based on data flow supervisory between external and internal domains of IT\OT infrastructure. SW part of the solution is based on KasperskyOS and provides “Secure by Design” approach.

So, trustworthy data coming from OT (operational technology) domain is committed and with technology implemented theoretically possibility for external intrusion is excluded as well.

IIoT Gateway is a part of holistic solution in scope of 4.0RU initiative. Aprotech is involved in 4.0RU and represents an attempt to create secure digital ecosystem for collecting and data analysis from physical world (machines, robots, controllers, sensors, etc.) in real time.

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